Callirhoe – pearl necklace


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This variant on the traditional pearl necklace is the centerpiece of any ensemble. The gold beets interspersed between the pearls give it just a little bit extra, to stand out in a crowd or to invite curious inquiries. In combination with the pearl earrings or bracelet, this piece forms the basis of any classical collection of jewelry. Made to order in different lengths and standard with 14-carat special closing locket, this piece makes an impact and says style and grace to anyone wearing it.

Callirhoe pearl necklace is affixed with the highest quality 14K gold and is available in yellow gold. Multiple lengths can be provided and the orders need 15 days for fulfillment. 

All Freshwater pearls are directly imported from the pearl farms of Hong Kong. Our pearls represent the finest in pearl selection, hand picked for its luster, quality, colour, and cleanliness.

6.0 – 6.5 mm

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