Aphaia 18K diamond pendant with Greek key


Aphaia [Αφαία] was a local Goddess of fertility, and this beautiful pendant is her namesake as far as we are concerned. The perfectly round shape starts with a golden circle which is delicately filled in with white-gold meandering Greek keys. Around the center hole, there is another smaller golden circle encrusted with diamonds. It changes color and shines when the light catches the polished surfaces.

Aphaia diamond pendant (2.3gr) in 18K gold with white diamonds and Greek key motif in white gold with diamonds. This pendant goes with a pair of earrings, please view Kyveli Sets or contact us for a custom quote.

  • Choose the chain you like. In case you don’t want a chain, you will get 50cm of black silk cord for free.

SI Clarity
0.10 carat

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