Andromachi K18 reversible ring with colored diamonds


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When making the investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry, why not look at the Andromachi [Ανδρομάχη] reversible ring. Marrying white gold and gold together into a multifaceted ring. A single white gold baseplate in a Greek key motif encrusted with diamonds and sapphires holds the hinges. Turn it upside down and a golden key appears. The use of materials and the way the ring hinges are all signs of the experience and extremely high quality of our goldsmiths.

Andromachi reversible ring in 18K gold and white gold with Greek key motif, diamonds and colored diamonds.

Diamonds: SI Clarity 0.11 carat
Sapphire: 0.22 carat
Ruby: 0.23 carat
Emerald: 0.20 carat

Ring size: If you are not sure about your right size, you can take a look here.


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